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Half a semitone.
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However, she later took up the flugelhorn - which she described as being similar to a trumpet, but with a warmer tone - and has even created her own instrument, the quartertone flugelhorn, specially for a piece she wrote for the London Symphony Orchestra's Soundhub scheme.
The music was built around incremental chord changes that recalled a quartertone maqam melody.
Accordingly, it would suffice to allocate each of the 24 hues one degree from the quartertone (bichromatic) scale in the manner Pone knew from Alois Haba, which resulted in 24 pairs forming one relation system.
It will focus on improvisation, extended techniques and the quartertone flute.
However, a misreading of the Essay on the Art of Music, found in an extensive literature on the theory of Arabic music, led to the commonly-spread belief that Mishaqa was the founder of the twenty-four equal quartertone scale.
16) The beating in the equal-tempered major third is in fact frequently cited as "evidence" of the inadequacy of equal temperament, and the sort of quartertone interval mentioned above, used by such non-just microtonal composers as Alois Haba, is both unacceptable according to just intonation theory, and also could seem dissonant to the new-coiner.
Very similar to our quartertone," she said, was midtone dot gain in the 25-30% range.
Stereo Key Control -- Adjusts the pitch of the audio bitstream (MPEG 1, CD-G and CDDA) by up to 24 quartertones in single quartertone increments, eliminating the need for a separate key control IC.
Alois Haba's most significant and distinctive pieces written using his microtonal system in the inter-war years include the quartertone opera Matka/Mother (1930), and the sixth-tone Duo for Two Violins (1937) and sixth-tone Six Pieces for Harmonium of 1937.
It turns out that quartertone music became so relevant to our time, that many composers are working in this direction independently from each other.
His next important step was rehearsal for the premiere of Haba's quartertone opera "Mother" in Munich (see also CM 3/05).
But to do this we either somehow have to declare a moratorium on the search for new sonorities and assume that we have exhausted the systemic possibilities (but not their variants) for twelve notes and 223 set classes, or, assuming the search for new sonorities will continue, we have to assume that in, say, the quartertone universe, the tonal and atonal possibilities we have discovered in twelvetone arc sufficient to deal with 24 notes and 337,697 set classes (the last figure is an actual count, not an inflated guess).