quartz heater

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quartz′ heat′er

a small infrared radiant heater having heating elements contained within quartz-glass rods.
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Tenders are invited for All Glass Single Distillation Unit With Borosilicate Boiler Borosilicate Condenser Quartz Heater And Distillation Apparatus Power Supply Distill Water Output 1.
A quartz heater can be used to boost the preheat temperature, in case different recipes need different preheater settings.
Such is the efficiency of the recently developed hi-tech quartz heater that it is being used to warm the approaches to the Channel Tunnel.
uk - which makes quartz heater and commercial tanning equipment using the latest computer-aided design and production techniques.
Police blamed that blaze on an over-worked quartz heater at the Paradise video parlour in Jiaozuo city.
LG has gone to a ceramic element instead of the usual quartz heater.
Tenders are invited for Double/Triple Distillation Plant With Quartz Heater Tube Vertical Type ,Capacity At Least 1.
7100/Qualigens,Distillation unit, Double stage,with Quartz boiler,Quartz condenser and Built in Quartz heater, verticle pannel mounted
Tenders are invited for Glass Double Distillation Unit Horizontal Type With Boro Silicate Boiler And Condenser And Quartz Heater.
Features: Stationary clamp frame, quartz heaters, air or water cooling, offers specialized laboratory and appliance-liner equipment.