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 (kwā′zī-krĭs′təl, kwä′zē-)
A structural form of matter that is less orderly than a crystal and more orderly than a glass.

qua′si·crys′tal·line adj.


(ˌkweɪ zaɪˈcrys tl, ˌkweɪ saɪ-, ˌkwɑ si-, -zi-)
a form of solid matter whose atoms are arranged like those of a crystal but assume patterns that do not exactly repeat themselves.
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She drew inspiration from her work at Harvard University where she researched nanofabrication and characterization of quasicrystal metasurfaces using shadow-sphere lithography.
Analysis of an endlessly single-mode penrose-tiling photonic quasicrystal fiber.
The comparison between subliminally perceived quantal maps and previous cortical maps stored in synaptic networks occurs by quantal non-local quasicrystal tiling effect which mediates the activation and deactivation of synapses through contraction and growth of dendritic spines.
The only naturally occurring quasicrystal found to date may well have come from an asteroid.
Pils JRV, Laird DA, Evangelou VP (2007) Role of cation demixing and quasicrystal formation and breakup on the stability of smectitic colloids.
1-CS-coke sample; 2-Nc-the average lattice number in a quasicrystal [d.
The fifteenth century is not scientifically hollow either: for example, one finds a host of intricate design patterns in Islamic architecture of the period that exhibit surprisingly advanced decagonal quasicrystal geometry--a concept discovered by Western mathematicians and physicists only in the 1970s and 1980s.
Some of the coatings are listed as follow: hydroxyapatite coating (Lin et al, 2001; Chu et al, 2001; pfaff et al, 1993), bioceramics (Hench, 1991; Lugscheider et al, 2001), sol-gel coatings (Chai et al, 2001), quasicrystal thin films (Symko et al, 2001), functionally graded materials coatings (Khor & Wang, 2001), graded coatings (Park & Condrate, 1999), composite coatings (Wang et al, 2000; Breme et al, 2000) and biomimetic coatings (Li et al, 2001; Li et al, 2002).
For Ca-montmorillonite the lamellae are held within a potential well even in distilled water and the quasicrystals are therefore stable; however, dispersion of these entities takes place at about 2 mmol(+)/L, which is obviously much greater than required to initiate swelling between the lamellae composing a quasicrystal, since these are retained in the potential well even in distilled water.
In contrast, the units in a quasicrystal, short for "quasiperiodic crystal," are formed from units with symmetries that don't occur in normal crystals (SN: 1/23/99, p.