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n. pl. que·bra·chos
1. Either of two South American trees, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco whose bark is used in medicine, or Schinopsis lorentzii whose wood is an important source of tannin.
2. The bark or wood of either of these trees.

[Spanish, alteration of quiebrahacha : quebrar, to break (from Latin crepāre, to crack) + hacha, axe (from French hache, from Old French, of Germanic origin).]


(keɪˈbrɑːtʃəʊ; Spanish keˈβratʃo)
n, pl -chos (-tʃəʊz; Spanish -tʃos)
1. (Plants) either of two anacardiaceous South American trees, Schinopsis lorentzii or S. balansae, having a tannin-rich hard wood used in tanning and dyeing
2. (Plants) an apocynaceous South American tree, Aspidosperma quebrachoblanco, whose bark yields alkaloids used in medicine and tanning
3. (Forestry) the wood or bark of any of these trees
4. (Plants) any of various other South American trees having hard wood
[C19: from American Spanish, from quiebracha, from quebrar to break (from Latin crepāre to rattle) + hacha axe (from French hache)]


(keɪˈbrɑ tʃoʊ)

n., pl. -chos.
1. any of several tropical American trees having very hard wood, esp. Schinopsis lorentzii, the wood and bark of which are used in tanning and dyeing.
2. a tree, Aspidosperma quebrachoblanco, of the dogbane family, yielding a medicinal bark.
3. the wood or bark of any of these trees.
[1880–85; < American Spanish quiebracha, quiebra-hacha literally, (it) breaks (the) hatchet]
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In March, leader of Argentina's Quebracho party Fernando Esteche underlined that the Zionists masterminded the 1994 bombing of the AMIA center in Buenos Aires in a bid to use it as a pretext against Iran.
The influence of addition of gallic acid, tannic acid, or quebracho tannins to alfalfa hay on in vitro rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis.
Estudio sobre el comportamiento de oviposicion del "cortapalos" Oncideres guttulata Thomson (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) sobre "quebracho colorado", Schinopsis quebracho colorado (Schlecht) Bark et Meyer.
The scientists conducted a laboratory study to evaluate the effectiveness of tannins from the quebracho tree, which have been used in other studies of ruminant digestion, in reducing the emission of odors and greenhouse gases from swine manure pits.
The traditional fence used as many poles , the normal relationship is a pole of the fence = extract a hardwood tree ( quebracho, lignum vitae ) of forest .
Tartephedreel from Heel, for example, contains Tartarus stibiatus 4X, Hepatica triloba 3X, belladonna 4X, Natrium sulfuricum 4X, Arsenicum ioda turn 6X, Quebracho 5X, Naphthalinum 6X, Betonica 2X, Anisum stellatum 3X, Lobelia inflata 4X, ipecacuanha 4X, Blatta orientalis 6X, drops 3 times per day under the tongue.
19, the radical left-wing Quebracho group attacked the Buenos Aires offices of the Argentine Shipping Services, an agent for cruise companies.
Tannin and Tannate from the Quebracho Tree: An Eco-Friendly Alternative for Controlling Marine Biofouling.
The company's top-selling kosher products include: artichoke, bilberry, camu camu, cascara sagrada, chasteberry, gentian root, green bell pepper, mango, nettle leaf, quebracho and tamarind.
The pledge by hardline left wing group Quebracho came after Prince William arrived on the islands for a six-week tour as an RAF rescue pilot.
And yesterday, Quebracho - the left wing group behind the HSBC protest - vowed to repeat their actions.