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The side of the chessboard that is nearest to the queen's opening position.

queen′side′ adv. & adj.


(ˈkwiːnˌsaɪd) chess
(Chess & Draughts) the half of a chessboard on which the queen starts
(Chess & Draughts) occurring on the queenside
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ch Bb4 Queenside Black's munch to about is Queen White's though as looks It capture.
Playing before his home supporters, the second-seeded Emirati sacrificed his d-pawn on move 13 to give his pieces wider scope on both sides of the board and immediately followed this up with a sneaky bishop move to a4 to disrupt Ameen's queenside development.
In that game, Kramnik sacrificed a pawn in the Semi-Slav Defence, attacked and grabbed weak pawns on the queenside toKramnik sacrificed a pawn in the Semi-Slav Defence, attacked and grabbed weak pawns on the queenside and beat Giri.
He blasted black's queenside and relentlessly pursued the black knight until finally closing the net on move 47.
centralizing the Queen and preparing Castle Queenside.
However, White loses his advantage by playing b6 instead of a6 on move 20, and after closing down the Queenside he errs further by overestimating Black's attack and misplaces his pieces in order to mount a defence.
Ju pushed her centre pawn deep in the opening to hamper Muminova's development of her Queenside pieces.
Both went in for long castling -- Queenside castling -- and a little later, the challenger seemed happy enough to see more pieces going off the board.
Combinations are not in the offing on the Queenside but it is possible to discern potential sacrifices with Knight on h6 and looking at f7.
In the book, Chris states this move seems consistent with his queenside attack, but accepts it is a mistake.
The Iranian champion was able to advance his queenside pawns to threaten promotion.
Both players show great nerve after the position is closed by White in as much as Black threatens to disturb White's defences using his h pawn and White threatens to gain an ever-increasing space advantage on the Queenside.
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