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n.1.A killer; as, Jack the Giant Queller.
2.One who quells; one who overpowers or subdues.
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It was Pantocyclus -- the illustrious Circle mentioned above, as the queller of the Colour Revolt -- who first convinced mankind that Configuration makes the man; that if, for example, you are born an Isosceles with two uneven sides, you will assuredly go wrong unless you have them made even -- for which purpose you must go to the Isosceles Hospital; similarly, if you are a Triangle, or Square, or even a Polygon, born with any Irregularity, you must be taken to one of the Regular Hospitals to have your disease cured; otherwise you will end your days in the State Prison or by the angle of the State Executioner.
Hail, Son of the Most High, heir of both Worlds, Queller of Satan
Their tastes sparked an innovative period, particularly a preference for landscape and narrative decoration, as seen on the 'elephant leg' vase painted with the Daoist subject, Zhong Kui the demon queller (Fig.
1988), (ii) tend to be usurped more often (Gamboa 1978; Klahn 1988), (iii) have less survival chances (Metcalf & Whitt 1977; Gibo 1978; Pfenning & Klahn 1985; Queller & Strassmann; 1988), and (iv) are less productive than multiple-foundress nests (West-Eberhard 1969; Tibbetts & Reeve 2003).
LOUIS, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Express Scripts Holding Company (NASDAQ: ESRX) today announced that David Queller will join the company as Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Management, effective July 8, 2014.
Joan Strassmann, PhD, and David Queller, PhD, a husband and wife team of evolutionary biologists at Washington University in St.
metricus makes a particularly striking part of the case, said David Queller of Washington University in St.
The study, conducted by evolutionary biologists Joan Strassmann and David Queller of Rice University, has shown that long-studied social amoebae Dictyostellum discoideum (commonly known as slime molds) increase their odds of survival through a rudimentary form of agriculture.
Ken's cousin Wei and the mythical figures the Thunder God, the Queller of the Floods and the goddess Nu Ch'ou all speak Mandarin with surtitles for the audience.
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