quick buck

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Noun1.quick buck - quick or easy earnings, "they are traders out to make a fast buck"quick buck - quick or easy earnings, "they are traders out to make a fast buck"
net income, net profit, profit, profits, earnings, lucre, net - the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
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They absolutely do not, they've no interest in that, they're here for the quick buck and we know what they will do.
Worse, during festivities, public service vehicle drivers, in their bid to make a quick buck, flout traffic rules with reckless abandon.
Unite national officer Bernard McAulay said: "This is a sickening blow for workers in the run up to Christmas and is the result of a succession of venture capitalists hawking Hewden around the market over a number of years to make a quick buck.
These all contribute to Holyhead's heritage, I urge the council not to destroy it all for a quick buck.
Dubai's property market has seen its ups and down over the past few years, with quite a few of those ups being caused by speculative land buyers looking to make a quick buck.
Some have even argued that the national interest could be threatened if Cypriots' mortgages were to be bought up by Turkish companies, and others point out that property-backed non-performing loans (NPLs) may be purchased by hedge funds looking to make a quick buck by liquidating assets.
We are now in hock to rampant global corporations and rapacious money-makers whose aim is to suck in cheap labour to make a quick buck, leaving existing small businesses high and dry and never mind the huge social tensions bequeathed to the country at large.
05pm Two young friends Arber (Connor Chapman) and Swifty (Shaun Thomas) get involved in the shadowy world of scrap metal dealing in a bid to make a quick buck.
is financial, Ashley trying a quick buck deal Tesco has been in turmoil after revealing it had overstated its guidance for half-year profits by PS250m, a move which has prompted an investigation into the business.
Judd Burstein, Katz's lawyer has blasted the report as a stomach-turning, egregious use of a tragedy to make a quick buck.
Perhaps the same could he said for Joel and Ethan Coen's latest endeavor, though like their down-on-his-luck protagonist, the brothers seem to be reaching for more than the quick buck.
We have not signed David to make a quick buck we are here to build him up.