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tr.v. quick-froze (-frōz′), quick-fro·zen (-frō′zən), quick-freez·ing, quick-freez·es
To freeze (food) by a process sufficiently rapid to retain natural flavor, nutritional value, or other properties.
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Adj.1.quick-frozen - (used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value; "frozen foods"
preserved - prevented from decaying or spoiling and prepared for future use
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Wiltshire Farm Foods offers over 300 ready meals, each made using tasty ingredients that are perfectly cooked then quick-frozen to lock the goodness in.
Tenders are invited for The contract is the supply of mixing and aging the way for the production of quick-frozen bakery products based on natural leaven.
What's more, the pack contains four individual trays of 6 individually quick-frozen mini burgers, wrapped in ovenable film to keep them nice and moist during cooking.
The Danish is proofed and quick-frozen, goes from freezer to oven and bakes in 18 minutes, without thawing, to save time, reduce handling and improve food safety.
Martin had been in charge of the Quick-Frozen Foods Division of the U.
Sage V Foods of Los Angeles will relocate its individually quick-frozen rice plant from Texas to Little Rock, building a new 100,000-SF plant at the Port of Little Rock.
Most of the blueberries are individually quick-frozen and primarily available to consumers in supermarket freezer cases nationwide.
Although it's feasible to buy ripe fresh fruit and freeze it (takes from two to four hours to become firm), it's much easier and less hassle to purchase unsweetened individually quick-frozen fruits to portion out of the freezer as needed (you can return the rest of the package for later use).
Loaded with chunks of real fruit that have been individually quick-frozen, each standup bag contains the fruit and a small package with the smoothie mix.
Mr Alf Carr, head of the FFIS, said quick-frozen foods were likely to become "the mainstay" of people's meal times in the next millennium.
3 kilos per capita, the French are Europe's most enthusiastic consumers of quick-frozen potatoes.