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 (kwē-ĕs′ənt, kwī-)
1. Quiet, still, or inactive. See Synonyms at inactive.
2. Characterized by an absence of upheaval or discord: "We tend to think of the decades following the final overthrow of Napoleon as remarkably quiescent" (Walter McDougall).
3. Astronomy Having little or no sunspot activity.
4. Medicine Asymptomatic: a quiescent infection.

[Latin quiēscēns, quiēscent-, present participle of quiēscere, to rest, from quiēs, quiet; see quiet.]

qui·es′cence n.
qui·es′cent·ly adv.
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I believe Sunday lunch is quiescently British and a tradition of which we should be proud.
If we sit quiescently in front of the television as Iraqis and Afghans are slaughtered, would we have even bothered to lift our fat asses from the couch to object to the theft of Hawaii?
The samples were first annealed quiescently for 300 s, and then experienced steady shear deformation for identical time at the predetermined shear rates.
In this way the batteries can supply the home's needs for hours at a time while the generator rests quiescently until called upon to refresh the batteries' charge.