quiet down

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Verb1.quiet down - become quiet or quieter; "The audience fell silent when the speaker entered"
silence, still, hush, hush up, quieten, shut up - cause to be quiet or not talk; "Please silence the children in the church!"
change intensity - increase or decrease in intensity
References in classic literature ?
But the wind, as if satisfied at last with its mischievous pranks, stopped blowing this ocean and hurried away to another part of the world to blow something else; so that the waves, not being joggled any more, began to quiet down and behave themselves.
They are two hotheads -- the one a Gascon, the other from Picardy; both are easily excited, but they quiet down immediately.
After a time they commenced to quiet down, and as no further mysterious deaths occurred among them they took heart again.
If you knock on your wall appealingly, they will quiet down and discuss the matter softly among themselves for a moment--then, like the mice, they fall to persecuting you again, and as vigorously as before.
I'm afraid you'll find it very quiet down here, Hastings.
The post Mosques told to quiet down 5am call to prayer appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
SPRINGFIELD - A man with a gun, allegedly fed up with noisy youths in a park on Saturday night, fired a warning shot into the ground after they refused to quiet down - and ended up in jail, police said.
Sometimes I ask my family to quiet down, but it only lasts about five seconds.
What was immediately apparent was the neighbour who summoned the police, who could have knocked on the door to ask, in a neighbourly fashion, for us to quiet down, did not.
On top of that, to quiet down their grumbling stomachs, guests could choose from the various stands which offered churro, snow cones and fairy floss machines, and were also given custom-made Yeezus T-shirts as return gifts.
At a certain moment all the instruments go quiet, which cues the crowd to quiet down, too.
We don't expect shareholder activism to quiet down anytime soon," Moody's vice president Christian Plath said in a report released.