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1. A form of Christian mysticism enjoining passive contemplation and the beatific annihilation of the will.
2. A state of quietness and passivity.

qui′et·ist n.
qui′et·is′tic adj.


of, pertaining to, or characteristic of quietism
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Stilwell's conception of pluralism is in this sense not one of autarkic paradigms lying side-by-side in quietistic contemplation.
To solve the braided problems of ''a proconsular presidency or a quietistic Congress,'' Weiner advocates congressional term limits:
Japan went from isolationism to openness and Westernization to fanatical nationalist militarism to quietistic consumerism and democracy, all within a century, without ever ceasing to be highly conformist, shame-based, and ethnocentric.
42) The quietistic movement of the Messallians arose in Syria and soon spread in Asia Minor.
A couple of quick notes of caution: I have my doubts about the quietistic take on the early Heidegger's methodology, and I find McManus at times a little too quick to insist on the incoherence of certain concepts--that is, too quick to give up on the project of making sense of certain thoughts.
In fact, what I see is a reliance of the great ethical hero Bonhoeffer on the quietistic, depressive Augustinian monk Luther.
Site specificity was a form of institutional critique that exposed an apparent bias of galleries and museums in favour of portable quietistic works.
5) Eric Schocket's analysis of Haldeman-Julius's career also critiques the analyses of his contemporaries who, like Davidson, "declaim the quietistic and homogenizing forces of the culture industry on the American working class.
Christ and "almost every writing of the New Testament" revealed its mystical element, and readers would do well, he reiterated, to "make a study, to some extent, of the mystic and quietistic writers.
Keyword meditation also provides a strong argument against taking relaxation as an essential element of meditation, since the reported initial effect of its intense concentration and existential doubt is to make the meditator tense rather than calm, and since the calm sitting of Silent Illumination was seen as excessively quietistic.
There are, however, those who would go further, arguing that Polyxena collaborates with her sacrificers--a charge to which ethical positions of a quietistic stamp are often exposed.
There was nothing passive or quietistic about Merton's life and writings.