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1. The hollow stemlike main shaft of a feather. Also called calamus.
2. Any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.
3. A writing pen made from the shaft of a feather.
4. Music
a. A plectrum for a stringed instrument of the clavichord type.
b. A pipe having a hollow stem.
5. A toothpick made from the stem of a feather.
6. One of the sharp hollow spines of a porcupine or hedgehog.
7. A spindle or bobbin around which yarn is wound in weaving.
8. A hollow shaft that rotates on a solid shaft when gears are engaged.
v. quilled, quill·ing, quills
1. To wind (thread or yarn) onto a quill.
2. To make or press small ridges in (fabric).
To practice the art or craft of quilling.

[Middle English quil.]
References in classic literature ?
Bulstrode's eyes, which were rather fine, rolled round that ample quilled circuit, while she spoke.
Approximately 39% of the reported birds that were quilled by porcupines were dead or near death.
The book features a Gallery with photographs and descriptions of warbonnets made by contemporary craftsmen and included several made by this author, amongst which was one with quilled strips attached to the feathers.