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A quincentenary event or celebration.


(ˌkwɪn sɛnˈtɛn i əl)

1. pertaining to or marking a period of 500 years.
2. a 500th anniversary or its celebration.
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Noun1.quincentennial - the 500th anniversary (or the celebration of it)
anniversary, day of remembrance - the date on which an event occurred in some previous year (or the celebration of it)
Adj.1.quincentennial - of or relating to a 500th anniversary; "the quincentennial celebration of the founding of the city"
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We took on immigration as a civil rights issue for the Americas, joined Native Americans in putting Columbus on trial at the Quincentennial, and reviewed the Attica rebellion twenty years after.
In 1992, the Quincentennial of Columbus's first voyage and landfall in the Americas provoked debates and protests and spawned a national re-evaluation of the official conquest story (Leon-Portilla; Gruzinski, The Conquest of Mexico).
The juxtaposition of Turkey s Jewish and Muslim cultures, with a visit to the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Jewish odyssey from Spain to Turkey, along with exhibits of the country s corresponding Muslim history.
The juxtaposition of Turkey's Jewish and Muslim cultures , with a visit to the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, celebrating the 500[sup.
No less opportunistic, perhaps, was his decision to capitalize upon the Columbus quincentennial in 1992 with a book titled Marvelous Possessions: The Wonder of the New World (1991).
Others decided to go for a modern take on the quincentennial celebrations which have taken place this year.
In the months leading up to the quincentennial of Columbus' 1492 voyage, for example, Richardson was intrigued by questions about which still-unverified island Columbus first landed on in the New World.
The discovery was made earlier this month and archaeologists are waiting to remove them from the site at Dyke Road and Quincentennial Bridge that spans the River Corrib.
In commemoration of the quincentennial celebration of the first evangelization of the Americas, the Fourth General Conference, convened in October 1992 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on the theme of the "New Evangelization.
It cannot be a coincidence that the Eucharistic Congress was held in Dublin that year, and that the central artistic theme was the quincentennial of the arrival of Saint Patrick.
This decade would be celebrated with worship services, academic lectures, and public performances, culminating in the quincentennial Reformation day celebrations in October 2017.
The Congress approved a national Green Action Plan, encompassing a series of anti-nuclear actions the following spring, support for the emerging Detroit Summer inner-city renewal campaign, and involvement in October 1992 events to protest the quincentennial of Columbus' landing in the Americas, initiated by First Nations activists.