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also quin·cunx·ial  (kwĭn-kŭn′shəl)
Of, relating to, or forming a quincunx.

quin·cun′cial·ly adv.




1. consisting of or having the appearance of a quincunx
2. (Botany) (of the petals or sepals of a five-membered corolla or calyx in the bud) arranged so that two members overlap another two completely and the fifth overlaps on one margin and is itself overlapped on the other
quinˈcuncially adv
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Astronomical Applications of the Quincuncial Map Projection.
In this characteristic passage, the quincuncial pattern for planting is traced to "Latine plantations" on the authority of Quintilian and Virgil, but this attribution is quickly superceded by Browne's own conjecture about even earlier, Biblical evidence:
Coggins 1980 for a prescient application on a smaller scale): we surmised that a late ruler had utilized the deforested landscape with its enhanced viewshed to impose on the city a cardinally oriented quincuncial Maya cosmogram, consisting of the pre-existing La Milpa central precinct with its Great Plaza and tall pyramids, and four new outliers each with its own plaza, three with freestanding small pyramids and LMN with its pyramid sandwiched between two palace courtyards.