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An arrangement of five objects or marks with one at each corner of a rectangle or square and one at the center.

[Latin quīncūnx, quīncūnc-, five twelfths : quīnque, five; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + ūncia, twelfth part of a unit; see ounce1.]


1. a group of five objects arranged in the shape of a rectangle with one at each of the four corners and the fifth in the centre
2. (Botany) botany a quincuncial arrangement of sepals or petals in the bud
3. (Astrology) astrology an aspect of 150° between two planets
[C17: from Latin: five twelfths, from quinque five + uncia twelfth; in ancient Rome, this was a coin worth five twelfths of an as2 and marked with five spots]


(ˈkwɪŋ kʌŋks, ˈkwɪn-)

an arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle.
[1640–50; < Latin: five twelfths =quinc-, variant of quīnque- quinque- + -unx, s. -unc- comb. form of uncia twelfth (see ounce1); orig. a Roman coin worth five twelfths of an as and marked with a quincunx of spots]
quin•cun′cial (-ʃəl) adj.
quin•cun′cial•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
He is like a quincunx of trees, which counts five,--east, west, north, or south; or an initial, medial, and terminal acrostic.
Decision on the design of planting: square, rectangular, quincunx, hexagonal or contour, 5.
To ensure that nets did not rest on the mudflat surface during tidal inundation and potentially scour the surface sediments underneath, five Styrofoam floats (10 cm diameter X 10 cm thick) were affixed to the bottom side of each net in a quincunx pattern so that nets would extend into the water column several centimeters.
A magnitude, a quantity that can't be packed with ease like five into a quincunx pattern on the die or likewise echoed through the tree trunks' placement in an orchard.
The treatments were: M1) 3x2m spacing, quincunx arrangement with pioneer lines interspersed with non-pioneer lines, 50% pioneer and 50% non-pioneer composition (50P:50NP); [M2]) 3x2 spacing, quincunx arrangement, 100% pioneers composition (100P); M3) 3x2 spacing, regular arrangement with pioneers and pioneers interspersed in all lines, (50P-50NP); M4) 3x3 spacing, regular arrangement, 100P; and M5) 3x3 spacing, regular arrangement with even rows containing only pioneer species and odd rows with both ecological groups interspersed, 75% pioneer and 25% non-pioneer composition (75P-25NP).
Just as I have argued that this scene in the film is built on a meta-discourse on representation, so is Sebald's text concerned with the structure of representation, and his discussion of the Rembrandt painting is situated between two grid-images, two versions of the quincunx as metaphorical schema of perception and as part of a larger critique of visual-representational orders.
3) For a discussion of similar strategies as they appear in neo-Victorian texts like The Quincunx, see Carroll (186).
Leptochiton odhneri (Bergenhayn, 1931), known from the northwestern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands, and Madeira, has a more weakly sculptured tegmentum, with granules that are arranged in quincunx on the head valve, the lateral areas of intermediate valves, and the postmucronal area of the tail valve.
scolopaceus based on the lateral line pore pattern in which the quincunx is almost twice as wide as high.
It is held by Oyut Uln which is 90% owned by THR Oyu Tolgoi Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of THR) with the remaining 10% owned by Quincunx Ltd.