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An arrangement of five objects or marks with one at each corner of a rectangle or square and one at the center.

[Latin quīncūnx, quīncūnc-, five twelfths : quīnque, five; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + ūncia, twelfth part of a unit; see ounce1.]


1. a group of five objects arranged in the shape of a rectangle with one at each of the four corners and the fifth in the centre
2. (Botany) botany a quincuncial arrangement of sepals or petals in the bud
3. (Astrology) astrology an aspect of 150° between two planets
[C17: from Latin: five twelfths, from quinque five + uncia twelfth; in ancient Rome, this was a coin worth five twelfths of an as2 and marked with five spots]


(ˈkwɪŋ kʌŋks, ˈkwɪn-)

an arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle.
[1640–50; < Latin: five twelfths =quinc-, variant of quīnque- quinque- + -unx, s. -unc- comb. form of uncia twelfth (see ounce1); orig. a Roman coin worth five twelfths of an as and marked with a quincunx of spots]
quin•cun′cial (-ʃəl) adj.
quin•cun′cial•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
He is like a quincunx of trees, which counts five,--east, west, north, or south; or an initial, medial, and terminal acrostic.
Leptochiton odhneri (Bergenhayn, 1931), known from the northwestern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands, and Madeira, has a more weakly sculptured tegmentum, with granules that are arranged in quincunx on the head valve, the lateral areas of intermediate valves, and the postmucronal area of the tail valve.
It is held by Oyut Uln which is 90% owned by THR Oyu Tolgoi Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of THR) with the remaining 10% owned by Quincunx Ltd.
Houdini IV, Jezebel Q Xixx and Ramona Quincunx so that I could publish more at one time.
Likewise, Browne piles it up negatively in declining to discuss, in The Garden of Cyrus, the Christian resonances of the quincunx, the shape created by five points arranged like the five on a die, which describes an X.
Visitors to the Baumer stand also shown a great interest in other essential appliances such as the mechanical movements' synchronisation through servo-motors, the rapid format changeover, the possibility to produce a quarter pallet and quincunx pattern, and the device for the partitions' insertion from below.
It is on record that 'among his extravagances' he bought handmade white kid gloves, ornamented with a quincunx of blue silk crosses, for a young lady, and indulged himself in the purchase of a pair of handsome duelling pistols for five guineas, which he was subsequently forced to sell for thirty shillings.
56 m2), calculated in Roman feet, and consists of a quincunx set within a larger quincunx, the whole framed with a border of further rhythmic, geometrical patterns.
You can see a Quincunx at most local science museums or alternatively try the world wide web.
Mouth small, jaws strongly asymmetric; lateral grooves shallow, curved slightly, extending from nostril to slightly below lower jaw, length much shorter than nasal curtain length; not projecting forward when open, not protrusible; skin on chin and margin of lower jaw very fleshy, strongly papillate; teeth uniformly close-set in both jaws, in oblique rows, not arranged in quincunx, rows in upper jaw about 25.