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 (kwĭ-nōn′, kwĭn′ōn′)
1. Either of two isomeric unsaturated cyclic compounds having the formula C6H4O2, found widely in plants, especially in a yellow crystalline form, and used in making dyes, tanning hides, and photography.
2. Any of various quinonoid compounds, often yellow to red in color, many of which have biological derivation or importance, such as coenzyme-Q.


(kwɪˈnəʊn; ˈkwɪnəʊn)
(Elements & Compounds) another name for benzoquinone


(kwɪˈnoʊn, ˈkwɪn oʊn)

1. a yellow, crystalline, cyclic compound, C6H4O2, used chiefly in photography and in tanning leather.
2. any of a class of compounds of this type.
[1850–55; quin(ic acid) a compound found in cinchona bark and the leaves of other plants(quinic < Sp quin(a) quinine + -ic) + -one]
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Noun1.quinone - any of a class of aromatic yellow compounds including several that are biologically important as coenzymes or acceptors or vitamins; used in making dyes
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
coenzyme Q, ubiquinone - any of several quinones found in living cells and that function as coenzymes that transfer electrons from one molecule to another in cell respiration
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I shall be told that the jousts of Suero de Quinones, him of the 'Paso,' and the emprise of Mosen Luis de Falces against the Castilian knight, Don Gonzalo de Guzman, were mere mockeries; as well as many other achievements of Christian knights of these and foreign realms, which are so authentic and true, that, I repeat, he who denies them must be totally wanting in reason and good sense.
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The battery uses quinones, common chemicals in many life-forms that help hold energy for later use, Harvard researchers report in the Jan.
Polymerization-inhibited juice was prepared by the extraction of polyphenolics, by adsorption onto polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, by the recrystallization of polyphenolics, by oxidation to quinones by potassium dichromate, and by adding 2% TETA and quinones to the juice.
Quinones led the filing of at least 10 graft charges against present MWSS administrator Gerardo Esquivel before the Ombudsman including for the illegal hiring 42 of "consultants.
The main speech was given by Jose Quinones and then by Sam Ramsamy, who said '"Sport for All" aims at bringing spiritual and material benefits for everyone, and will do so for Lima and Miraflores in particular.
Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaners is teaming up with recognized recording artist, actress and former Miss Universe Denise Quinones on a contest in which fans of the brand will have a chance to get their personal story turned into an original song.
ADHA President Pam Quinones, RDH, BS, welcomed more than 250 attendees to the inaugural Dental Hygiene in a Changing World: Leading and Developing Your Career--a full day of insights and discussion geared toward re-envisioning and re-engergizing participants' careers that also included a track for students and hygienists new to the profession.
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