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A post or an object mounted on a post, used as a target in jousting exercises.

[Middle English quintaine, from Old French, probably from Latin quīntāna (via), fifth (street in a Roman camp, supposedly used for military exercises), from quīntus, fifth; see penkwe in Indo-European roots.]


(esp in medieval Europe) n
1. (Historical Terms) a post or target set up for tilting exercises for mounted knights or foot soldiers
2. (Historical Terms) the exercise of tilting at such a target
[C14: from Old French quintaine, from Latin: street in a Roman camp between the fifth and sixth maniples, from quintus fifth]


(ˈkwɪn tn)

an object mounted on a post or attached to a movable crossbar mounted on a post, used as a target in the medieval sport of tilting.
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