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 (kwĭn′tīl′, kwĭnt′l)
1. The astrological aspect of planets distant from each other by 72° or one fifth of the zodiac.
2. Statistics
a. Any of the groups that result when a frequency distribution is divided into five groups of equal size.
b. Any of the values that separate each of these groups.

[Latin quīntus, fifth; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + -ile (as in quartile).]


1. (Astrology) an aspect of 72° between two heavenly bodies
2. (Astrology) a fifth part of a distribution
[C17: from Latin quintus fifth]
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Even if reported income accurately identified the poor, the division of total income into quintile shares, ranging from the lowest fifth of all households to the highest, would be misleading.
Translated into money terms, that means for every $1 earned by someone in the bottom quintile, a top quintile person earns more than $13.
Because these consumer units may have expenditure levels that are more typical of higher income consumers, the losses they report affect both the average income and the average expenditures of the lower income classes and can be seen in the income quintile and income level tables.
However, the fourth quintile of black families showed relatively little change in their income position, and the bottom quintile showed a continuing decline in its income level.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Quintiles has been recognized by the Great Places to Work(R) (GPTW) Institute as one of the top 100 "Best Companies to Work For" in Brazil.
Proposed acquisition to augment Quintiles Consulting offerings
Quintiles, based in the Research Triangle in North Carolina, for example, maintains its own global contract detail force and its own internal venture capital-like strategic investment group.
WebMD Corporation and Quintiles Transnational in October settled an 8-month legal battle over patient data.
Kelly joins Quintiles from Aetna, where he was the head of Informatics, leading its efforts to measure the quality and affordability of healthcare.
Quintiles will have its own staff at the CAP-certified Medca Japan laboratory in Saitama, a city in the Greater Tokyo area.
Quintiles today announced interactive, role-based navigation as part of the next generation of Quintiles Infosario([R])Reporting & Analytics Platform.