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quiv·er 1

intr.v. quiv·ered, quiv·er·ing, quiv·ers
1. To shake with a slight, rapid, tremulous movement.
2. To tremble, as from cold or strong emotion. See Synonyms at shake.
The act or motion of quivering.

[Middle English quiveren, perhaps from quiver, nimble (from Old English cwifer-; see gwei- in Indo-European roots).]

quiv′er·ing·ly adv.
quiv′er·y adj.

quiv·er 2

1. A portable case for holding arrows.
2. A case full of arrows.
3. A collection or store; arsenal: a quiver of ready responses.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman quiveir, variant of Old French cuivre, from Old Low Franconian cocar, probably from Medieval Latin cucurum, probably from Hunnish; akin to Mongolian kökür.]
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Marked by or affected with tremors:
References in classic literature ?
I had lived in a clammy atmosphere of reverence, respect, deference, so long that they sent a quivery little cold wave through me:
The tone of his music is, however, darker, with a major role being played by the choir and the electronic effects serving to create the illusion of the underwater world; yet besides quivery chords or glissandos it also applies relatively aggressive percussive electronically generated or modified sounds.
He put his thumb upon a bump, an den begin to Quivery He looked me deep in de eye, an it made this darkey shiver He said de bump ob eativeness was very large developed; Said de bumps war altogeder like a jawbarelup.
Many of the portrait subjects were nervous, if not downright quivery, during their moment on camera, perhaps intimidated by the satiny pink set, the bright lights and the sudden attention of enthusiastic strangers.
Sweat rinsed our brows and ceaseless parades of blubbery diners waddled between the serving tables to their places with quivery hills of food drooling over their plates.
Particularly early on when Cardiff, with their tails up, took a lead which if not quite a FA Cup shock destined to move John Motson into quivery voice mode, came as a pleasant surprise anyway.
Hornsacker sucked in a quivery breath and described the afternoon's events: