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Amy Eshton, not hearing or not heeding this dictum, joined in with her soft, infantine tone: "Louisa and I used to quiz our governess too; but she was such a good creature, she would bear anything: nothing put her out.
But I will quiz you with a great deal of pleasure, if you will tell me what about.
By her side there stands a fat tabby cat, with a gilt toy-repeater tied to its tail, which "the boys" have there fastened by way of a quiz.
Miss Thorpe, however, being four years older than Miss Morland, and at least four years better informed, had a very decided advantage in discussing such points; she could compare the balls of Bath with those of Tunbridge, its fashions with the fashions of London; could rectify the opinions of her new friend in many articles of tasteful attire; could discover a flirtation between any gentleman and lady who only smiled on each other; and point out a quiz through the thickness of a crowd.
Damn the shillings and halfpence, sir," he added, as the lawyer was making out the amount of the draft; and, flattering himself that by this stroke of magnanimity he had put the old quiz to the blush, he stalked out of the office with the paper in his pocket.
Performance on Exam 1 was comparable in both sections and the No-Quiz section's performance dipped quite a bit on Exam 2 while the Quiz section showed a slight improvement.
Both the on-site and the online version of Business Intelligence Quiz (BIQ) has generated a huge response as a high quality BI quiz over the years and has now become an regular feature.
MONDAY: Raggy Rocks, Lord Raglan, Exhall: Xbox Guitar Hero Playoff; The Roseycombe, Rugby Rd: Acoustic night; Boat Inn, Longford: Quiz and Take Your Pick.
Abu Dhabi Indian School emerged winners of the annual Credence UAE Quiz Masters Tournament 2015, while Delhi Private School, Dubai, claimed the runners-up trophy.
The Bombay Quiz Club was founded in 2006 to promote quizzing in Mumbai, the Bombay Quiz Club is the only officially registered organisation that promotes quizzing as a sport for intellectual enrichment in the city.
CJ de Mooi from hit BBC quiz show Eggheads travelled to Shepley to take part in the Black Bull's weekly quiz.
Launched this summer, The Nation's Health news quiz features questions on what happened in public health during the previous week.