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tr.v. quizzed, quiz·zing, quiz·zes
1. To question (someone), especially closely or repeatedly: "His searching questions as he quizzed me on my work made me tongue-tied at first" (Susan Sellers).
2. To test the knowledge of by posing questions: quizzed the class on state capitals. See Synonyms at ask.
3. Archaic To poke fun at; mock.
n. pl. quiz·zes
1. A questioning or inquiry.
2. A short oral or written test.
3. Archaic A practical joke.

[Origin unknown.]

quiz′zer n.
Word History: While the origins of quiz remain obscure, we can at least trace the development of its senses. The term, first recorded in the late 1700s, originally meant "an odd or eccentric person." From the noun in this sense came a verb meaning "to make sport or fun of" and "to regard mockingly." In English dialects and probably in American English the verb quiz acquired senses relating to interrogation and questioning. This presumably occurred because quiz was associated with question, inquisitive, or perhaps the English dialect verb quiset, "to question" (probably itself short for obsolete inquisite, "to investigate"). From this new area of meaning came the noun and verb senses all too familiar to students.
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Noun1.quizzer - someone who administers a test to determine your qualificationsquizzer - someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications
asker, enquirer, inquirer, querier, questioner - someone who asks a question
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But he, on the other hand, a wit in his own class, a gay quizzer and laughter-maker at dances and Sunday picnics, had found the making of fun and the breaking of good- natured lances simple enough in this environment.
Come along with me, and I will show you the four greatest quizzers in the room; my two younger sisters and their partners.
Less than a month after they pre-emed, Nine dumped two new Southern Star Endemol formats, reality gamer "Fear Factor" and cruel quizzer "Shafted," which had aired in the crucial weeknights at 7 slot.
This is so true for a quizzer if you think about it because you learn the most when you realise you are ignorant and that builds up your confidence as you start knowing.
The company began life as a post-production house, shifted into comedy production, hit the jackpot with globe-conquering quizzer "Millionaire" and is now in post-production on its first feature, Stephen Frears' "Dirty Pretty Things," starring the Oscar-nommed Tautou in her debut English-lingo role.
In the late 1950s, the integrity of the NBC quizzer "Twenty One" came into question when winning contestant and Time magazine cover subject Charles Van Doren was accused of being fed the answers by show producers.
This special series of The Chase begins with Bradley Walsh inviting four members of the Bennett clan from Hampshire to pit their general knowledge know-how against that of a professional quizzer - either "The Beast" Mark Labbett, "The Governess" Anne Hegerty, "Vixen" Jenny Ryan, the "Sinnerman" Paul Sinha or the "Dark Destroyer" Shaun Wallace.
The Riverside Stadium is hosting a quiz night where your team will face professional quizzer, Shaun Wallace, aka 'The Dark Destroyer'.
Mahesh Sajnani, a prominent quizzer in Dubai, was the quiz master.
I look forward to testing myself in the 2015 Champion League and it's also a real ambition of mine to be a TV pro quizzer one day.
That may or may not be true for any given Bible Quizzer, but a viewer of this film will certainly be struck by the sheer mastery of so much sacred trivia juxtaposed with the mundane--but oh-so-American--environment in which it is demonstrated.
The quizzer should not repeat the same questions, while questioning should take place after eight days from the day of request and may be advanced if the official requests it.