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Philip flushed at the mention of her name (he could not get himself out of the awkward habit of reddening when he was embarrassed), and Lawson looked at him quizzically.
The colonel was about to reply when a new thought appeared to occur to him and he looked quizzically at the ape-man.
When they were again alone D'Arnot looked quizzically at Tarzan.
As the two men returned down the path to their boat, Sheldon regarded Joan quizzically.
While Aora, with a knife produced apparently from nowhere, proceeded to hack off the white master's head, Bashti looked quizzically at his right forefinger dangling by a strip of skin.
right' to break off his story and chat quizzically about questions of art or conduct in a whole chapter at a time.
I can hear the cogs turning quizzically in your mind as you read this.
As for the purpose of her art, Eman says rather quizzically, "It is to save me from losing myself.
Nobody bowled me anything I couldn't play in the middle," Mead reflected quizzically.
The man looked up at me quizzically, and I responded with, "He doesn't talk; he has severe autism," and as I watched, his face crumpled in dismay.
In this weekend's Wall Street Journal, Kathleen Squires explains why you should order the egg creamthat fizzy, frothy refreshment which quizzically "contains neither eggs nor cream," and whose old-school charm is being refurbished by hip new vendors in New York City and beyond.