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a. A theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation.
b. Formal disputation of such an issue.
2. Music A usually humorous medley.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin quodlibetum, from Latin quod libet, anything at all : quod, what; see kwo- in Indo-European roots + libet, it pleases, third person sing. present tense of libēre, to be pleasing; see leubh- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Music, other) a light piece of music based on two or more popular tunes
2. (Theology) a subtle argument, esp one prepared as an exercise on a theological topic
[C14: from Latin, from quod what + libet pleases, that is, whatever you like]
ˌquodliˈbetical adj
ˌquodliˈbetically adv


(ˈkwɒd ləˌbɛt)

1. a subtle or elaborate argument or point of debate, usu. on a theological or scholastic subject.
2. a fanciful arrangement of usu. familiar tunes in polyphonic relationship.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Medieval Latin quodlibetum; compare Latin quod libet what pleases, as you please]
quod`li•bet′ic, quod`li•bet′i•cal, adj.


a nice or fine point, as in argument; a subtlety. — quodlibetal, adj.
See also: Argumentation, Philosophy


 a musical medley; a collection of several airs, 1377.
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Noun1.quodlibet - an issue that is presented for formal disputation
issue - an important question that is in dispute and must be settled; "the issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone"; "politicians never discuss the real issues"


n (Mus) → Quodlibet nt, → (Lieder)potpourri nt
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As the end of these 30 variations approached he seemed to tie up every end with a convincing inevitability, clearing the anguished clouds which tortured variation 25 with a subsequent display of joyous keyboard wizardry through subsequent variations before bringing us up short with a sturdy, no-nonsense Quodlibet of popular tunes of the time.
12) Within this same context Fabro cites a number of appropriate texts from Aquinas such as Quodlibet IX, q.
Aquinas explicitly mentions such a possibility in Quodlibet 1, q.
Tu male credis ciuia si quodlibet tale sacrament= esset / Deus et verum corpus Christi, intiniti sunt dii.
His best known projects and most popular projects are DataPunk, a semantic accumulator and network designer for naturopathic knowledge; QuodLibet, a molecular pathway analytic tool that uses graph theory and social networking algorithms; and SWAMI, a program that devises complex one-of-a-kind health protocols for individuals.
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A recent reprint of this original can be found at Quademi Quodlibet, Milan, 2000.
In the theological literature of the later Middle Ages, the connection between black-bile melancholy and the Jews became commonplace; examples of the melancholic Jew can be found in the quodlibet that served as written exams in the medieval university.
Also useful are several recent periodical issues devoted entirely or almost entirely to Liszt's activities and accomplishments; these include fascicles of the Etudes germaniques and Quodlibet published in 2008.
Chapter 5, 'Relevantistic Logic', concerns logics which reject exfalso quodlibet.