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A short-tailed herbivorous marsupial (Setonix brachyurus) found in coastal areas of southwest Australia.

[Nyungar (Pama-Nyungan language of southwest Australia) gwaga.]


(Animals) a small wallaby, Setonix brachyurus, of Western Australia, occurring mostly on offshore islands
[from a native Australian language]
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Clever alliterative language underlines the alphabet letter being illustrated, as in "Quintana Quokka knows that there are quite a few locations where, without question, one must be quiet such as libraries, lecture halls, and anywhere quokkas gather to listen to quartets.
They were interested in the quokkas of Rottnest Island, off Western Australia, because these small, wallaby-like marsupials have been virtually free of predation for about 7000 years.
Reports from the United States say that Quokka Sports, the online broadcaster founded by Australian America's Cup winning skipper John Bertrand, has sprung a leak.
Quokka Sports, a leading provider of sports entertainment for the digital world(TM), creates complete interactive sports experiences that fulfill the passions of sports enthusiasts worldwide.
Intel's Application Hosting Subsidiary Teams with Quokka Sports
Starting immediately, Quokka Sports' media business, the Quokka Sports Network, will focus on event-centric programming with the continued emphasis on the production of live sport events, including the re-launch of golf.
Prior to coming to Quokka, O'Connell was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Exhibitor Relations for MovieFone, Inc.
Commenting on the revised outlook, Alvaro Saralegui, Quokka Sports President and CEO, stated, "Our revenue shortfall was the result, in large part, of delays in the timing of sponsorships and other agreements for upcoming events, including NCAA Final Four, Golf and Major League Baseball.
By outsourcing its commerce initiatives, Quokka Sports is creating greater efficiencies for its consumer revenue model.
Through this agreement, Quokka Sports, in conjunction with Host Communications and NCAA Online, will continue to produce NCAAChampionships.
In the past nine months, Quokka Sports has been the leading consolidator in the digital sports media industry by acquiring and integrating the operations of three companies into its sports entertainment network.