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On April 6, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled in favor of the US in a trade dispute involving a European Union (EU) quota system that gave preferential treatment to banana imports from former colonies in the Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) group over those from Latin America (see Chronicle, 1996-05-23).
There was a call from an ad hoc industry lobby group, the Council of Canadian Filmmakers (CCFM) and others, for an enforceable quota system placed on the major exhibition chains.
HHS' proposed reforms went on to create a political environment that encouraged adoption of a quota system for states' reports on deficiencies.
But the authors enrich our understanding of the contemporary cultural mosaic by giving attention to these European populations who also benefited from the liberalized laws and who were actually the principal targets of the movement to overturn the old quota system in the first place.
NEW YORK (FNS) -- A new textile agreement reached between China and the United States includes provisions to eliminate the quota system on handmade rugs imported from China.
It is important to realize that Article 15-A is not a quota system.
Mahbubul Haq inadequacy of funds, unemployment and quota system are the basic problems of Karachi.
Steve Franz, a former Border Patrol agent now working for the Texas Education Agency, confirms that there has long been a quota system within the agency.
The breakdown of the ICO's quotas has enabled the country to export practically all of their coffee, whereas under the quota system, the country had to hold back one bag for every bag of coffee exported.
Included are brief descriptions of currency arrangements, pricing, national organisations and the European quota system.
Under consideration is an individual quota system in which only the owners of government issued permits participate, in essence granting what West Coast seafood industry leaders argue is a monopoly of the seas to 176 permit owners.
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued notices to the Establishment secretary ,Law and Parliamentary Affairs secretary in a plea to quash quota system in the Central Superior Service (CSS).