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Suitable for or worthy of quoting: a quotable slogan; a quotable pundit.

quot′a·bil′i·ty n.
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Noun1.quotability - the quality of being worthy of being quoted
worthiness - the quality or state of having merit or value


nZitierbarkeit f; something with a little more quotability for the headlinesein Zitat, das sich besser als Schlagzeile eignet
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Surprise is full of laughs and its quotability has created new everyday lingo for Chinese netizens.
Prem needs Ollie CRYSTAL Palace manager Ian Holloway has lost none of his outspoken opinion and quotability.
Maybe the Liverpool boss believes he has the quotability of a latter-day Bill Shankly.
Dominik also seems to share Tarantino's love of dialogue, conversations taking precedence over action, though it doesn't quite match the latter's deft rhetoric and instant quotability.
Time has not eradicated the poignancy and quotability of these words.
This derives from the orality of Yoruba indigenous poetry, its being multigeneric and the quotability of this, a quality that has been appropriated in these books to create an interface between voice and performance, the oral and the written.
Against the ready quotability and easy memorizability of excerpted and abbreviated literary lines, it is worth pointing out that the last passage cited above comes from The book of illusions.
On a perhaps more frivolous note, another quality of Britton's work that makes his undeserved obscurity so surprising is its eminent quotability.
Cumani is not a trainer forever seeking publicity, but when he is centre stage the strength of his opinions and his wry quotability mean that he makes his mark.
Clearly, what Buechner has to say and has said--about faith, about scripture, about the modern age, about himself--is so winsomely said and generously given, that it tends to inspire fewer to submit him to any greater cultural-critical criteria for scrutiny than sheer quotability and spiritual discernment--no mean feats in and of themselves, of course.