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1. Of or affected by rabies.
2. Raging; uncontrollable: rabid thirst.
3. Extremely zealous or enthusiastic; fanatical: a rabid football fan.

[Latin rabidus, from rabere, to rave.]

ra·bid′i·ty (rə-bĭd′ĭ-tē, ră-), rab′id·ness (răb′ĭd-nĭs) n.
rab′id·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
Arraigned at my own bar, Memory having given her evidence of the hopes, wishes, sentiments I had been cherishing since last night--of the general state of mind in which I had indulged for nearly a fortnight past; Reason having come forward and told, in her own quiet way a plain, unvarnished tale, showing how I had rejected the real, and rabidly devoured the ideal;--I pronounced judgment to this effect:-
Well, perhaps I do go at it a bit rabidly, and feel a kind of pleasure in smashing anything.
Here's what ``Off Centre'' considers really, really funny: Euan rabidly scratches his genital area (canned laughter).
That makes Outlaw an extremely angry, antiestablishment film but, with politics to the right of Attila The Hun, it also makes for a movie that's rabidly nasty, not to mention woefully simplistic.
It would also be interesting to know how much research the rabidly anti-Labour Mail on Sunday put into catching Bryant with his pants on.
Agreeing with the doctor on every point is another council member, former Republican congressman Tom Coburn, an ally of the rabidly antigay and antisex Christian Coalition and Family Research Council.
George also arranged some quality time with wife Laura (Carrie Quinn Dolin) that same night, and therefore spends the evening running back and forth between his intimate dinner with his easily flummoxed wife and rabidly minded national spokesmen.
Nicely packaged, this particular four-CD set brings all 16 sonatas for violin and piano by Mozart in performances by violinist Itzhak Perlman and pianist Daniel Barenboim which, whilst not pandering to the more rabidly hair-shirted 'authentic' brigade, never fail to bring musical insights and sophisticatedly deployed brilliance of technique to these under-rated works.
Arsenal legend Wright - the width of a post from becoming an England icon when denied a memorable World Cup qualifier winner in Rome in 1998 - has established himself as the most rabidly biased English pundit of them all.
How people can justify shooting a doctor who performs abortions and yet be so rabidly pro-life--that to me is unnatural.
We're introduced yet again to a seemingly interchangeable group of endlessly quipping yet rabidly dedicated law associates, twentysomethings who apparently grew up thinking the Dave Matthews Band represents rock at its most rebellious.
Well, here it comes anyway: James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek) is the West Canaan Coyotes' replacement quarter-back, called up and dared to fail by fire-spitting coach Jon Voight, and swiftly at loggerheads with Voight's rabidly competitive drive to win at all costs.