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Noun1.race problem - a social and political problem caused by conflict between races occupying the same or adjacent regions
problem, job - a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved; "she and her husband are having problems"; "it is always a job to contact him"; "urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog"
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The problem that we are facing is not a race problem," said Francis.
In reflecting on his fellow Harlem Renaissance intellectuals, Hughes once wrote, "They thought the race problem had been solved through Art .
A meditation on the larger implications of the race problem preoccupied his columns throughout the spring culminating in "Reducing Friction" (3 May 1919).
In Europe, the young black American "developed a global conception of the race problem and a corresponding interest in Africa and the problems of nonwhite colonies elsewhere" (Winston 399).
We do not have a race problem, we have a space problem.
The "impunity for the murder of black men," Leovy writes, just may be America's greatest race problem.
What I wanted to say is that speeding is a "people" problem - not a race problem.
In more examples of Real Candidate, Wrong Race problem, voters penned in political rivals Val Hoyle and Dwight Coon, Betty Taylor and Juan Carlos Valle and John Lively and Joe Pishioneri.
5) His shift from the short stories of The Conjure Woman, which appealed to Northern audiences accustomed to plantation fiction, to the tragic events of his novels, which appealed less to such an audience, exacted a professional cost for focusing more explicitly upon the race problem.
Blatter's words about shaking hands after a match were ill chosen but in his bumbling way he was bringing attention to another side to the race problem.
Since then, questions have arisen about whether Perry has a race problem, despite statements from the governor's camp that his family had painted over the rock that bore the offensive name of the camp.
The city was spared the violent carnival of race riot as seen in Atlanta and Wilmington but there was no "solution" to the race problem.