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Noun1.race runner - very swift lizard of eastern and central United Statesrace runner - very swift lizard of eastern and central United States
whiptail, whiptail lizard - any of numerous very agile and alert New World lizards
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In that time he has won numerous events and is a regular cross-country and road race runner.
Qtel has named Doha resident Chris Arthey as "Number One" race runner for its upcoming marathon "as an encouragement for everyone to take part in the event and improve their health and fitness.
Chris is an experienced marathon, ultra-marathon and long distance fell race runner who next month is set to tackle both the London Marathon and the Three Peaks Challenge.
The Tarleton High School duo of Jake Helm and Chris Hesketh got the better of first race runner up Gilles Vandeweerd (Calday) in the under-13s event.
Sue Bradburne was fined pounds 260 for a passport discrepancy over last race runner Cottstown Boy while Tom Kemp had to pay a pounds 375 penalty for the double declaration of D'Arblay Street.
Speaking last week at this year's Cardiff 10k launch, Kidney Wales chief executive Roy Thomas said: "We are extremely excited to see another dialysis machine being installed at the Children's Kidney Centre and are so proud of our race runners for working so hard to raise the funds to make it happen.
RHYL 10-MILE ROAD RACE RUNNERS will descend on Rhyl this weekend for a new race which will be a prelude to an even bigger event in the summer.
THEY'RE OFF: Fell race runners, left, Paul Lowe, right, and winner Jim Bulman, far right
Adding to the community spirit, after each race runners retire to a nearby cafe for a chat.
More than 400 competitors from across North Wales and further afield took part in the race Runners in the half-on Sunday.