race walking

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race′ walk`ing

the sport of rapid walking, in which one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times.
race′ walk`er, n.
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Leading the way forward, Dr Raymond K F Ch ien, Chairman of MTR Corporation, more than 30 business and public sector leaders together with Ms Olivia Cheng and Mr Alex Fong, MTR HONG KONG Race Walking Ambassadors, competed in the friendly MTR Chairman s Invitational.
Though it has just been officially announced, there had been rumblings over the past year race walking would be dropped from the timetable.
While Jackson believes race walking is on the up in the UK, Great Britain still have a long way to go before they are competing for the medals at the major championships.
Although only one athlete from a country is allowed to compete in each category ( men/ women) at the Asian Race Walking Championships, but India and Iran obtained special permission to field additional entries to attain Olympic qualification as the Nomi event was one of the pre- designated races to achieve the London grade.
I heard it a few days before and told a few people and I was delighted; it's nice to get something like that and next year the Race Walking Association have asked me to be the president, so I've come quite a long way from my youth.
What it also led to was a conversion to race walking following her graduation from Arkansas in 2009.
He took up race walking, learned the form, and using it, felt better and better.
Matthews won the National Race Walking Association ten-miles title half-a-dozen times on the trot.
Race walking is defined as moving forward in a way that produces continuous contact with the ground.
The benefits of race walking can't be counted on your fingers .
Shortly after having won an Olympic gold medal as a member of the Chinese Race Walking team in 1992, Chen moved from the People's Republic of China to the United States.
REDCAR Race Walking Club international Ben Wears shattered the course record for 10km at Adwalton Moor, Bradford, in the final Northern Counties Winter League race.