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a racemic compound


(reɪˈsi meɪt, rə-)

a racemic compound.
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82) Racemates of two other thienopyridines had been resolved, and there was no observed advantage to separation in either case.
When we obtained the one-handed helical PTrMA, we did not expect a high chiral recognition ability of the PTrMA, because the polymer is almost entirely surrounded by nonpolar triphenylmethyl groups, which cannot strongly interact with many racemates.
Identification of 1,2,2,5-tetramethyltetralin and 1,2,2,5,6-pentamethyltetralin as racemates in petroleum.
The optical resolution of racemates has been essential in the perfume production pharmaceutical industry food preparation and so forth due to the harmful effect of one of the enantiomer of racemate mixture.
They also discuss the methodologies for determination of the stereoisometric composition of chiral compounds and chiral separation, such as gas and liquid chromatography on chiral stationary phases, capillary electrophoresis, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; methodologies for the determination of absolute configuration, such as X-ray analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance, and chiroptical methods; and methodologies for the resolution of racemates, such as crystallization, preparative chromatography, and kinetic resolution.
6) In addition, regulatory guidelines in the United States recommend development of enantiomers over racemates where appropriate.
This issue is not limited only to racemates and enantiomers.
Farther down the post-race concourse, where runners guzzled water and other restorative beverages, Tim Duringer of Brownsville chatted with friends while his racemates - 3-year-old Jackson and Madeline, 15 months - reclined in the double-wide running stroller their dad had propelled the entire distance of the 10k.
Obviousness of Enantiomers over Prior Art Racemates (126)