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The sport of walking for speed, the rules of which require the racer to maintain continual foot contact with the ground and to keep the supporting leg straight at the knee from first contact with the ground until that leg is directly below the upper body.

race′walk′ v.
race′walk′er n.


the activity of racing by walking fast rather than running
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After three years I took up racewalking, and have done reasonably well.
com, and has been twice named Runner of the Year by USA Track and Field, the US-national governing body for the sports of track and field, cross country running, road running and racewalking.
Canada's IOC member Dick Pound identified triple jump, synchronised swimming and racewalking as events he believes should be dropped from the Games.
When the games are held in the same year as Summer Olympics, no marathon and racewalking events are contested.
This is only Gray's third season of competitive racewalking.
The Northern Racewalking League is held each year over six races starting in October and finishing in February at venues in Cleckheaton, York, Redcar and Bradford.
In the 10-km racewalking competition, athlete Oroba al-Amo won the gold medal, whereas Rania Osman won the silver medal.
Vigorous intensity exercise can be defined as racewalking, jogging/running, swimming laps, playing singles tennis, bicycling 10 miles per hour or faster, jumping rope, or hiking uphill.
Running has been my main sport since getting my new liver but over the past few years I have got into racewalking.
Wrexham's Steve Walker finished second in the M50 racewalking in the British Masters' 5k championships in Horwich.
Vigorous intensity aerobic activities include racewalking, jogging or running, swimming laps, jumping rope and hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack.
1986) Effects of stride length alteration on racewalking economy.