racial segregation

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Noun1.racial segregation - segregation by race
petty apartheid - racial segregation enforced primarily in public transportation and hotels and restaurants and other public places
separatism, segregation - a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
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19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The future of American democracy depends on addressing the crisis of racial segregation as the nation transforms into a multiracial majority in little more than one generation by 2042 -- a comprehensive new book on race and integration from Detroit-based educators says.
Singer-songwriter, record producer and actor Lionel Richie, who recently topped the album charts after appearing at Glastonbury, talks about growing up in Alabama against a background of racial segregation and his meteoric rise to fame after a string of top 20 hits.
To Live and Dine in Dixie: The Evolution of Urban Food Culture in the Jim Crow South explores the changing food of the urban American South during the Jim Crow era, considering how race, ethnicity, class, and gender contributed to the development of racial segregation in public eating places.
According to dos Santos, "It is impossible to believe that the social and racial segregation that has been happening during 388 years of slavery, in addition to 115 years without any restorative policies, can be fixed with only 10 years of affirmative action.
revealed a troubling history of not only oppressive law enforcement and economic inequality, but also a history of racial segregation that continues to afflict metropolitan areas across the nation.
Clement Burns was removed from the faculty of Philadelphia's La Salle College and transferred out of the diocese at the chancery's request after he took part in and was arrested at a protest of racial segregation of public accommodations.
Set in 1962 Baltimore, the musical follows Tracy as she seeks stardom and battles against racial segregation.
It was the people of Britain, he said, who helped South Africa outlaw racial segregation.
day gave a serene depiction of a man, who stood up against racial segregation with peaceful protests.
The comic apologised for joking there was racial segregation between Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra after the death of Nelson Mandela.
We were thrilled to bring together some of the brightest minds researching economic and racial segregation to better understand the current state of research, identify important gaps, and prioritize the most crucial areas for future research," said Ingrid Gould Ellen, co-director of the Furman Center and Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy at NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.
Tel Aviv's blatant racial segregation can not even be made to appear as religious segregation.