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adj. rac·i·er, rac·i·est
1. Having a distinctive and characteristic quality or taste.
2. Strong and sharp in flavor or odor; piquant or pungent.
3. Risqué; ribald.
4. Vigorous; lively.

[From race.]

rac′i·ly adv.
rac′i·ness n.
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Noun1.raciness - a strong odor or taste propertyraciness - a strong odor or taste property; "the pungency of mustard"; "the sulfurous bite of garlic"; "the sharpness of strange spices"; "the raciness of the wine"
spicery, spiciness, spice - the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored
2.raciness - behavior or language bordering on indelicacy
indelicacy - the trait of being indelicate and offensive
ذَكاء الطَّعْم


[ˈreɪsɪnɪs] Nlo picante


n (of speech, style, play)Schwung m, → Feuer nt; (= risqué nature)Gewagtheit f


(ˈreisi) adjective
lively. a racy style of writing.
ˈracily adverb
ˈraciness noun
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And the AMG Line versions came with 18in alloys, stiffer suspension and extra body kit that gave the car plenty of road presence - with an air of raciness rather than pure SUV.
zanier, snares, snare, siren, sins, sine, since, scans, scan, sarnie, sans, saner, sane, risen, rinses, rinse, resin, reins, rein, rani, rains, rain, raciness, nicer, nice, nears, near, naris, nacre, incases, incase, earns, earn, cranes, crane, casein, cans, canes, caner, cane, cairn, arsine, arsenic, arisen, arcsine, arcsin, anise, acne, CRAZINESSWORDsquare: A.
Good Housekeeping, a mag more about recipes than raciness, features a consumer guide to sex toys in its latest edition.
The marginal climate and chalky soils of Champagne confer a unique combination of delicacy, richness, raciness and minerality on the wines, which are made primarily from chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier.
The music and songs ranged from traditional Berber pentatonic music to the wild raciness of flamenco and off around the Mediterranean Sea to pull in the musical nuances of the countries that receive its powerful waves .
Added to the raciness of life, a sense that things should change overnight, to become 'modern' and be seen as modern, leading to new social hierarchies as party people are overnight promoted to positions of power and they, in turn, try to transform overnight their and their relatives' social position.
Decades after the raciness of that book was surpassed by other dramas more descriptive and downright dirty, Winsor elaborated on her writing process for it.
Walsh presides with little judicial restraint on a show you'll find guilty of selective raciness and plenty of laughs.
And the E-Class Cab has some of the raciness and attitude of an SL or SLK, but room for everybody.
also Weissbort & Eyssteinsson 2009: 178) However, he believed that freedom (for capturing the "spirit") and fidelity (for capturing the sense) should be more prevalent in translation than servility and raciness (for capturing the foreign words proper with their inimitable mystery and sublimity):
It really does look the part and has more of an air of raciness than pure SUV.