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Noun1.racket club - club for players of racket sports
gild, guild, social club, society, club, lodge, order - a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"
tennis club - a club of people to play tennis
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1 at the Neath Squash Club (2001 -- 2003) and Glamorgan Health and Racket Club (2007-2010).
Recorded at The Racket Club, Marillion's Buckinghamshire base, and Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, Sounds That Can't Be Made represents a continuation of the radical, yet successful business strategy the five-piece came up with not long after parting company with the EMI label in 1995 - ask the fans if they would help fund the recording of their next album by pre-ordering it before work on it had even begun.
Having The Racket Club as our HQ has meant that for the best part of 20 years we've had somewhere to rehearse, store our equipment and save ourselves literally millions of pounds in studio rent.
The hotel also boasts a fully equipped fitness zone including a gymnasium, adult and children's swimming pool, massage facilities, children's playground, grooming salons and a racket club including tennis, badminton, and squash courts.
Access for cars leaving David Lloyd Health and Racket Club or Talpore after 10pm will be via the lower bridge.
Christopher Ellis of Shrewsbury captured the USTA Granite State Boys' 16 Tournament held at the Nashua Swim & Racket Club in Nashua, N.
The redevelopment includes a new North Stand that will take capacity to 13,200, an Esporta health centre with swimming pools and racket club, a new car park and replacement training pitches.
Zoe, who worked as a beauty therapist at the Health and Racket Club at Doxford Park in Sunderland, added: "I was supposed to start my new job last Tuesday.
Last year his best friend Mr Semple, a sales consultant for a health and racket club, took part in the same five-mile charity run and raised pounds 550 for Action Heart.