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A game played on a four-walled court by two or four players who alternately hit a small rubber ball against the front wall with short-handled rackets, with play stopping if the ball bounces twice on the floor or does not reach the front wall.


1. (Individual Sports, other than specified) a sport similar to squash and played in an indoor or outdoor court with rackets
2. (Team Sports, other than specified) the ball used in this sport


(ˈræk ɪtˌbɔl)

a game similar to handball, played with rackets on a four-walled court.
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Noun1.racquetball - the ball used in playing the game of racquetballracquetball - the ball used in playing the game of racquetball
ball - round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
2.racquetball - a game played on a handball court with short-handled rackets
court game - an athletic game played on a court


n no plRacquetball m
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First with racquetball and squash courts, Hollman was instrumental in moving the industry to the panelized wall systems now found in 97% of courts world-wide.
Only recently he won the men's title at the Yorkshire Racquetball Championship in Chapel Allerton as part of a successful contingent from the Edgerton Club, beating his club colleague Paul Haigh in the final.
Any one, any age, any level - racquetball is an inexpensive sport.
The events take place on Tuesday, September 30, and Thursday, October 2, from 6-9pm where everyone will be able to try squash and racquetball.
I had taken my own racquet and racquetball goggles with me on deployment, and despite their getting fogged up when I really broke a sweat, I wore them regularly.
We find out a little about each other's families, so it's not just about racquetball.
On Friday, the tennis (45 years old and up) and racquetball (women 35 and older, men 40 and older) competitions start at the Willow Creek Racquet and Sports Center and Courtsports Athletic Club, respectively.
Dave, national coach with the Racquetball Association, is still a competitive squash player, turning out for the Worcestershire Vintage team.
Sometimes steps turn inside out, adding a rough-and-tumble attitude well suited to the racquetball ambiance.
Gauthier was scheduled to compete in the Canadian Racquetball Championships from May 19 to 23 in Burnaby, British Columbia (after publication deadline).
And so we had Jonathan Alter of Newsweek praising ex-general Colin Powell's "new war" on the domestic threats of poverty and despair: "The new threat required a new alliance -- one that's grand enough to muster the troops, but practical enough to let them volunteer every other Tuesday night after racquetball.
Indeed, but the game is officially known as "wallyball," and it's played worldwide in some 2,200 racquetball clubs, colleges, gyms, and military installations.