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The oscilloscope viewing screen of a radar receiver.


(Electronics) a cathode-ray oscilloscope on which radar signals can be viewed. In a plan position indicator, the target is represented by a blip on a radial line that rotates round a point, representing the antenna


(ˈreɪ dɑrˌskoʊp)

the viewing screen for radar.
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Its top-ranked B2C RadarScope mobile app, available on iOS, Android and Mac, allows meteorologists and weather enthusiasts to view Nexrad radar data and severe weather warnings.
storm chasers used an app called RadarScope to spell out the initials of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young as a tribute to the men, who died in a May 31 twister.
Domestic unrest among alienated Shia mullahs and unemployed youth was not even a minor blip on our diplomatic radarscope.
In a radar attack, the pilot maintained the interceptor on the course of the target by keeping a dot within the steering circle in the center of the radarscope.
Unless, of course, it was all along on the radarscope of an unseen intelligence guiding the evolution to its target, as most Catholics believe.
Like special operations, CSAR can operate at night, under the radarscope, and, to a large extent, in adverse weather.
Obviously, this can be hazardous to your mission effectiveness, (even your health) whether you're in the cockpit, in your car, looking at a radarscope, or entering data into a computer.
It was a side of him that few saw and one which he kept well beneath the public radarscope.
Some of them seem to be below our radarscope right now, but they certainly are on Syria's radarscope.
A clique of 28 MPs drawn from at least four political parties denuded also of a Welsh Secretary at the heart of government will struggle to get noticed on an overwhelmingly English radarscope, and that is likely to be more a recipe for division than harmony between Wales and Westminster.
I reported the crewman's after-takeoff checks complete and stared anxiously at the radarscope until I saw the familiar outline that defined home.
After six months of winter and eight hours in a dark room staring at a radarscope, I realized I should have stayed outdoors,'' he said.