radial pulse

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Noun1.radial pulse - pulse of the radial artery (felt in the wrist)
heart rate, pulse rate, pulse - the rate at which the heart beats; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health
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He had blood pressure of 140/60 in both arms and a regular radial pulse at 40 beats per minute.
After reduction, radial pulse was absent but capillary refilling was present.
This is not where the thumb joins the hand but closer to the wrist near where the radial pulse is palpated.
The most common site is the radial pulse, on the underside of your wrist, in line with your thumb.
Two years ago I had a student in my nurse aide class who found it impossible to locate a radial pulse.
Carotid femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV), the "gold standard" parameter of aortic stiffness, and carotid radial pulse wave velocity (crPWV) representing arterial stiffness in peripheral arteries were calculated automatically as the distance divided by time (meters per second) and multiplied by 0.
Radial pulse in the right upper limb, and other peripheral pulses were felt.
found a relationship between changes in radial pulse pressure (PP) and SV (r=0.
Measure your carotid pulse by placing your index and middle fingers on your neck (to the side of your windpipe and just below your jaw) or your radial pulse by placing the same fingers on the inside of your wrist.
The radial pulse was monitored preoperatively and postoperatively.
However, one explanation for the lack of accuracy in the certified fitness trainers may be that the exercisers palpated the carotid pulse while the trainers palpated the radial pulse.