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 (rā′dē-əns) also ra·di·an·cy (-ən-sē)
1. The quality or state of being radiant.
2. Physics The radiant energy emitted per unit time in a specified direction by a unit area of an emitting surface.
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Noun1.radiancy - the quality of being bright and sending out rays of lightradiancy - the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
brightness - the location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white
gleam, lambency, gleaming, glow - an appearance of reflected light
sheen, shininess, luster, lustre - the visual property of something that shines with reflected light
burnish, glossiness, polish, gloss - the property of being smooth and shiny
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washed from within by a constant radiancy of pure thoughts, and from without by a constant basking in the shine of every beautiful and noble and tender thing,--I thought it not unlikely that he might fulfil his dream.
In short, the whole view was one scene of quivering radiancy, as lake, mountains, village, and woods, each emitted a portion of light, tinged with its peculiar hue, and varied by its position and its magnitude.
Visit, then, this soul of mine, Pierce the gloom of sin and grief-- Fill me, Radiancy Divine, Scatter all my unbelief.
Here was a faint, diffused radiancy, which they hailed like daylight; by that they pushed the horse to a good pace and began to rattle along merrily in the direction of the town.
Radiancy offers a pipeline consisting of numerous proprietary medical devices.
Sebastien conto a Anne Marie Mergier, corresponsal de este semanario en Francia (Proceso 1647), que Radiancy era parte de un grupo empresarial que se dedicaba a otras actividades: venta de ropa, restaurantes, blindaje de autos, servicios educativos, guardias de seguridad y negociaciones para la liberacion de secuestrados.