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n. radiculomielopatía, enfermedad que afecta la médula espinal y la raíz de los nervios espinales.
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Five patients presented with radiculomyelopathy and two presented with typical thoracic myelopathy of spastic paraparesis.
Less commonly, larval migration to the CNS may result in radiculomyelopathy or eosinophilic meningoencephalitis with high case fatality rates; or larval migration to the eye with resulting blindness in untreated cases.
8 These are all contradictory effects leading to a combination of osteosclerosis, stress fractures, ligamentous calcification, ossification and a radiculomyelopathy owing to mechanical compressive effects.
2) The clinical presentations of spinal AVFs include radiculomyelopathy (78%), bruit (50%), tinnitus (10%), cranial neuropathy (3%) or a pulsatile neck mass (3%).
Herpes latency, meningitis, radiculomyelopathy and disseminated infection.
Surgical procedures for cervical radiculomyelopathy have reported death rates of 0% to 1.