radio transmitter

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: transmitter - transmitter that is the part of a radio system that transmits signalsradio transmitter - transmitter that is the part of a radio system that transmits signals
radio, wireless - a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves
spark transmitter - an early radio transmitter using a discharge across a spark gap as the source of its power
sender, transmitter - set used to broadcast radio or tv signals
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Evaluation of three miniature radio transmitter attachment methods for small passerines.
Last February, it operated the radio transmitter station in the Wilayat of Mahdha in the Al Buraimi Governorate which cover vast areas of Musandam, North Al Batinah and A'Dhahirah Governorates.
One telegraph pioneer who seems to have come tantalisingly close to inventing a radio transmitter was David Hughes.
It's the channel of communication here," says one of the Canadian sailors manning the radio transmitter.
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns in March announced the award of more than $415,000 in grants for weather radio transmitters to extend the coverage of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) early warning system to seven more rural communities.
Equipment and radio transmitters were also seized by police officers.
Fitted with radio transmitters, the tortoises are picked up when they near their birthing season - roughly late May to early June - and are X-rayed to see if they are carrying eggs.
Primary among them is the cost of the radio transmitters.
8[degrees] F--travel through a high-temperature signal cable in the main body of the molding machine to a radio transmitter.
The system is comprised of an integrated battery powered radio transmitter with voice storage capability and a vehicle sensor (magnetometer).
Inforadio is a low-power radio transmitter that broadcasts FM messages over a limited area of about 300 to 600 feet As cars come through the drive-through line, operators are directed to tune their car radio to a specified FM frequency.
The access points can transfer data using the handheld's infrared port or Bluetooth Radio and the server is a Linux-based PC with a radio transmitter and a modem that can serve multiple access points.