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tr.v. ra·di·o·broad·cast or ra·di·o·broad·cast·ed, ra·di·o·broad·cast·ing, ra·di·o·broad·casts
To broadcast by radio.
1. Information or programming transmitted by radio for public or widespread use.
2. A transmission of such information or programming.
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In order to provide financing, the law encompassed creation of the Fund for the Promotion of Cinematography, to integrate 10 percent of the price of all motion-picture tickets, l0 percent of any sales or renting of videos, and 25 percent of the income from the Federal Committee on Radiobroadcasting (COMFER), the control and collection organization for television activities, and other contributions This fund is administered by life National Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), an institution that presently plays an important part in this process, especially since it has became an autonomous entity with the capacity to collect its own funds and finance a great variety of projects.
A carefull study on our part of radiobroadcasting based on accurate facts encompasses the reality of the Quebec religious culture in relations with three essentials components : general history of Quebec, history of the Church and history of the media.
Michael Donevan, Darcy's husband, was a radiobroadcasting consultant for contemporary music radio stations throughout the United States.