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(Nuclear Physics) an element that is naturally radioactive


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈɛl ə mənt)

a radioactive element.


n. radioelemento, cualquier elemento que tiene propiedades radiactivas.
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Construction of radioelement and dose rate baseline maps by combining ground and airborne radiometric data.
The ternary K-eU-eTh radioelement map (Figure 4d) was a K-eU-eTh ternary colour presentation which is useful in outlining the a real extent of the potassium alteration but ambiguous for interpreting local discontinuities
Radioelement ratios can offer a useful tool for lithological mapping.
Commercial synthesizers costing about $14,0,000 then chemically incorporate the radioelement into a desired molecule.
Given that the MB is similar to the South Mountain Batholith in terms of its radioelement abundances (Ford et al.
31643 Bronchoscopy, catheter placement of intracavity radioelement
Polonium-210: a volatile radioelement in cigarettes.