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Relating to or caused by radioactivity.


(Nuclear Physics) produced or caused by radioactive decay: a radiogenic element; radiogenic heat.


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈdʒɛn ɪk)

produced by radioactive decay: radiogenic lead; radiogenic heat.
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Support legislation to provide service connection to atomic veterans for all recognized radiogenic diseases.
Radiogenic isotopes of the Estonian and Latvian rapakivi granite suites: new data from the concealed Precambrian of the East European Craton.
I will cover three linked approaches, namely high precision analyses of (i) nucleosynthetic isotope anomalies, (ii) radiogenic isotopes and (iii) trace elements.
Overall, the presentday Nd isotopic compositions show an increase towards comparatively more radiogenic values from the oil shale seams to marl beds.
Nonetheless, it is likely that multiple regions are represented in this small sample, and the pigs must have been derived from a substantial distance away (>20km) to attain these more radiogenic values, which are well beyond the expected range for the vicinity of Llanmaes.
Yet the editorial selectivity of the journal, and the inability of print to capture the full range of radiogenic programing, necessarily made that archive incomplete; thus its relation to the bbc could also be described as curatorial, as not archive but museum.
CNN reported in August that the 58 FHMS children who had tumors have already had them removed and are now recovered or recovering from surgery, long before radiogenic cancers had time to develop.
Wounds are caused by mechanical, chemical, thermal, and radiogenic trauma.
Having perfected this method of speleothem chronology with near pinpoint accuracy in previous research over the years in their state-of-the-art Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory at UNM that Asmerom leads, they were equipped to date the delicate florets that adhered to the top of Naia's body after she fell in the cave.
Late Paleocene Arctic coastal climate inferred from molluscan stable and radiogenic isotope ratios.