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A synthetic androgen inhibitor used primarily in men for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and androgenetic alopecia.

[fin- (alteration of (al)ph(a-reductase) in(hibitor)) + (az)aster(oid), steroid containing azine (alteration of azo- + steroid) + (am)ide.]


n finasterida
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Primary non-odontogenic tumors of the jawbones an overview of essential radiographic findings.
These radiographic findings were consistent with a nonaggressive mandibular bone deformity (benign neoplasia) and/or mineralized mass (dystrophic calcification) of the rostral aspect of the mandible.
Yu highlighted several considerations to keep in mind when examining these patients, including vigilance around prior skin cancer surgeries in cases with neurologic symptoms, the potential need for repeated imaging along with communication with the radiologist regarding suspicion of perineural spread, consideration of anatomy during the clinical exam, and correlation of clinical exam, histopathology, and radiographic findings.
The diagnosis of ECD was strongly suggested with the radiographic findings of the extremities which revealed symmetrical dia-metaphyseal osteosclerosis.
sup][20] they analyzed the contralateral knee meniscus status of 33 patients who underwent an operation for a symptomatic discoid lateral meniscus and reported that 70% of contralateral knees had more than one characteristic radiographic findings of a discoid lateral meniscus.
The most common radiographic findings were emphysema (40%) and atelectasis (31%), respectively.
All the clinical and radiographic findings were scored and combined to give a value.
Similarly in our case, the patient's age and the clinical and radiographic findings suggest an inflammatory DC.
6) Table 2: Radiographic findings in patients with FBA Radiographic finding No (%) Visible foreign body 8(5.
Cases of silicosis maybe classified as simple or complicated according to the radiographic findings.
Radiographic findings did not reveal any abnormality in middle and inner structures of ear.
Contract notice: Single medical equipment radiographic findings for the department of radiology and diagnostic imaging - 8 / zp / 2016.