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The portion of an original liquid that remains after other components have been dissolved by a solvent.

[French raffiner, to refine; see raffinose + -ate.]


(Chemistry) the liquid left after a solute has been extracted by solvent extraction
[C20: from French raffiner to refine + -ate1]
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Upon the completion of the extraction procedure, the raffinate was distilled using a makeshift distillation apparatus.
The aromatics plant also makes other by-products, such as Light Straight Run Naphtha, liquid petroleum gas, raffinate and heavy aromatics.
Using the UOP/Shell process, the plant had a capacity of 20,000 b/d of unleaded gasoline, 360 t/d of aromatics and 240 t/d of raffinate.
37 million tons which included heavy and light polyethylene, gas condensate, propane, butane, butadiene-1 and 3, polypropylene, , Styrene monomer, sulfur, mono- and di-ethylene glycol and raffinate, worth $1.
The technology can improve profitability and performance while recovering metals from pregnant leach solution, bleed streams, recirculation and raffinate, drain-down and acid rock drainage, spent processing solutions, and smelter or refinery blowdown.
Le sue tecniche narrative sono tra le piu raffinate e avvincenti che si siano viste in Italia dai tempi di Dario Fo.
Methanol, propane, butane, ethylene, benzene, ammoniac, paraxylene, condensate, mono-ethylene glycol, raffinate, sulphur, and o-Xylene were among major products exported during the mentioned period, he said.
Con lo sviluppo di strategie di marketing sempre piu raffinate, un dato socialmente sano come la domanda di approfondimento di temi di attualita posta da settori "avanzati" (per dirla con la terminologia pasoliniana) della societa italiana rischia di trovare una risposta cucita su misura dal produttore per lo spettatore.
The other equipment that MIS Arabia supplied for Jerp to the above contractors are- atmospheric columns, coker fractionator, mhc product fractionator, raffinate column, pre-flash columns and PP splitter column.
70) Units that process raffinate are at high risk for explosion if not maintained and operated properly and sources of ignition must be strictly controlled.
to supply Raffinate 1, a product created through butadiene extraction, by pipeline from neighboring Bukom Island, which is part of the Shell Eastern Petrochemicals complex.
This has demonstrated the ability of plant to be operated at its full capacity in its present design, and produce on spec paraxylene and benzene, besides liquefied petroleum gas, light naphtha, raffinate and heavy aromatics as additional by-products.