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raf·fle 1

A lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win a prize.
v. raf·fled, raf·fling, raf·fles
To dispose of in a raffle. Often used with off.
To conduct or take part in a raffle.

[Middle English rafle, a game using dice, from Old French, act of seizing, dice game, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

raf′fler n.

raf·fle 2

Rubbish; debris.

[Probably from French rafle, act of seizing, from Old French; see raffle1.]
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Rauch (1994) was examining manufacturing employment growth in cities raffler than productivity, so our results are not directly comparable.
The lack of trustworthy standards and certifications has been a challenge for software buyers and software developers," said Hartmut Raffler, head of Technology Division Information and Communication at Siemens Corporate Technology.
6) It is important to recognize that these models are intended as complements to, raffler than substitutes for, on-site examination.