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A traditional melodic type in Hindu music, consisting of a theme that expresses an aspect of religious feeling and sets forth a tonal system on which variations are improvised within a prescribed framework of typical progressions, melodic formulas, and rhythmic patterns.

[Sanskrit rāgaḥ, color, musical mode.]


(in Indian music) n
1. (Music, other) any of several conventional patterns of melody and rhythm that form the basis for freely interpreted compositions. Each pattern is associated with different aspects of religious devotion
2. (Music, other) a composition based on one of these patterns
[C18: from Sanskrit rāga tone, colour]


(ˈrɑ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
one of the melodic formulas of Hindu music having the melodic shape, rhythm, and ornamentation prescribed by tradition.
[1780–90; < Skt rāga color, tone]


n (Mus) → Raga m
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You two counties which makes up Wau state should stand with the people of Raga on our right to become a separate state," Lucaino Thomas, a Raga county official said.
Raga Boyz is one of my favourite bands, she said amidst loud applause.
These Three Spaces allow the soloist, Soumik Datta with his happy, serene presence, to improvise on ragas to forge a timeless interaction with western instruments and textures.
The rich Indian culture sings aloud about the prose and passion of classical music singers like Tansen, whom each one of us fondly remembers for creating magic with his vibrating ragas.
Unlike its Western counterpart, Indian classical music thrives on the improvisation of ragas and tls, and such improvisations could take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to accomplish, depending on the synergy and the mood of the artistes.
Gifted with a mellifluous and supple voice, Kumar Gurav sings with a rare flair, rendering ragas in a distinctively aesthetic and imaginative manner.
20: 9-4 Freedom Man, 5-2 Barnfield Chubby, 7-2 Tullymurry Zulu, 9-2 Raga Raider, 11-2 Ardmayle Machine, 12 Sonyador.
Excellent program notes are provided by Neil Sorrell explaining the form of the raga and how each movement is executed.
Every raga has a unique personality, whereby it lends itself to a certain time of the day and/or to a certain mood or emotion.
Raga and ragini are the widely used Sanskrit spellings of the two terms, which clearly identify the two genders.
The raga poem composed by Ranajit Malla clearly highlights his inner feeling.
in their hard-driving, eclectic and tightly arranged country rock -- even when the psychedelic, Celtic and Indian raga elements come to the fore.