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A man who collects and sells rags.


n, pl -men
(Professions) another name for rag-and-bone man


(ˈrægˌmæn, -mən)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a person who gathers or deals in rags.


[ˈrægmæn] N (ragmen (pl)) → trapero m
References in classic literature ?
The ragman would have declined any negotiations concerning his clothes.
Oliver stakes out Tobias and the Amertek leader's meeting, but Ragman interrupts first.
The "Tagalized" Korean movie blockbuster "Gangnam Blues," starring Lee Min Ho as gangster Ragman Jong-dae, is now showing in all SineAsia theaters among SM Cinemas in Metro Manila.
Abdul ragman Abdullah Al-Muqbil, said the traffic plan is focused on organizing the traffic movement, operating parking areas and controlling traffic in the tunnels.
WHEN I was a kid in the 1950s, a major local event was the ragman turning up with his eternal cry of 'toys for rags'.
It was Michael's father who paid the ragman in Sunderland half a crown (two shillings and six pence) for the lantern and slides.
John and the Ragman added his own northern grit with a voice that could plane concrete.
Alan Simpson said: "Eating stottie cake and giving away me Ma's best coat to the ragman fer a balloon.
Jazz Kindred Spirits Zoe Ragman Having explored some straightahead piano trio jazz on her Mercury Prize-nominated album,Melting Pot,and her Bengali heritage for the sublime Where Rivers Meet, Rahman broadens both those strands and expands her influences on this new album.
A scary ragman who lives on a dark and dangerous side of town sifts through people's trash and takes chosen items home in his grocery cart.
He often finds magazines and newspapers and, before selling them to the ragman, reads them.