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One who makes a living scavenging rags and other refuse.


(Professions) Brit another word for rag-and-bone man


(ˈrægˌpɪk ər)

a person who picks up rags and other waste material from the streets, refuse heaps, etc., for a livelihood.
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Noun1.ragpicker - an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihoodragpicker - an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood
unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training


[ˈrægpɪkəʳ] Ntrapero m
References in classic literature ?
I'll give you four pennies for your A-B-C book," said a ragpicker who stood by.
Current releases include The Claudettes and The Ragpicker String Band with Mary Flower, Rich DelGrosso, and Martin Grosswendt.
A child ragpicker wades through a lake in Bhopal, India, looking for clothes, coins, and wood to collect and resell after a local festival.
The company said Walking Paris Streets with Eugene Atget: Inspired Stories About the Ragpicker, Lampshade Vendor, and Other Characters and Places of Old France will available in paperback priced at USD19.
The old ragpicker who lives under the bridge tells Suttree that he has "seen strange things" in his time: "I've seen all I want to see and I know all I want to know.
I wasn't always a ragpicker, scavenging for bits and pieces of theory that I could parlay into some publications somewhere.
We never observed any ragpicker or other workers rummaging through medical waste using either gloves or the more common stick.
The worn, eroded, or partially destroyed nature of the subjects Hocking photographs makes him out to be a ragpicker of sorts, a melancholy scavenger on the streets of a shrinking city.
Her husband, Muhammad Nazir, a ragpicker who works in a more affluent area of the city, says he can see the city's transformation in the trash he handles.
A ragpicker found the pieces in the nobleman's garbage.